Isometric image of a football game on a mobile phone.

Make Sure Your Team is Stacked

It’s the middle of the fourth quarter, your favorite team is on their own 18, when suddenly the entire defense gets up and walks off the field. Where are they going? Who is going to stop the offense? While this scenario would almost never happen (even if most football fans would debate if some teams are pretty much doing that by having a horrible line…I digress) there are a lot of companies IT actually operate this way. There is no defense stopping cyber attacks, they don’t have disaster recovery in place, and in some cases they don’t have a good offense, email and cloud computing.

A Strong Defensive Line with Cyber Security

Looking for a complete cyber security solution for your business? Look no further than SentinelOne – the premier cyber defense solution designed to protect your network against all threats, from malware and ransomware to sophisticated zero attacks. By fortifying every edge, SentinelOne, aka defensive line can provide layers of security and preemptive defense against zero-day exploits and APT threats.

With its advanced threat prevention capabilities, superior detection rates, and rapid response, SentinelOne is the best nose tackle against all known and unknown polymorphic threats.

Cutting-edge features like behavioral analysis and machine learning!

ProofPoint Doesn’t Backdown From Competition Just Like Middle Linebackers

Middle linebackers, like ProofPoint, are the unsung heroes of any defense. Whether blocking incoming email threats or mitigating attacks that have already penetrated your email software, this machine-learning email getaway ensures that your ball, aka data and systems, stays secure with multi-layered protection.

An automated AI-powered solution for all your email security issues!

Iron Scales Has Become The Strongest Secondary Defense

Iron scales are a strong secondary defense for protecting your business from cyber-attacks. With advanced threat capabilities and crowd-sourced threat intelligence data, this industry-leading comprehensive platform can help you keep your business safe from all types of online phishing.

Cloud and API act as the two cornerbacks, with advanced threat assessment as a strong safety. Let’s not forget BEC protection acting as a free safety.

No more phishing under this email cybersecurity platform!

Let’s Talk About Defensive Coordinator

Did you know how much the team relies on a defensive coordinator? The defensive coordinator is responsible for aligning the team, making a plan, and calling defense for the plays. In the world of cloud backup and documentation, enVault is your defensive coordinator.

As the ultimate cloud backup solution, it tends to provide comprehensive protection for your business data. From recovering hardware failure to viruses, enVault has your back with easy-to-use recovery tools and minimal downtime.

Manage your entire team’s files without any security threats!

RMM, AKA Head Coach

What’s a good team without a solid-minded head coach? Remote monitoring is to cybersecurity that the head coach is to the football team. With powerful asset monitoring and customer support management capabilities, RMM is the go-to solution for ensuring all aspects of:

  • IT management and scripting,
  • Reporting and analytics,
  • Patch management functions
  • And more!

A head coach is a game-changing breakthrough making tough decisions in split second. Remote management and monitoring control all the patch management and drag-and-drop automation. Standing outside the field (working remotely) but still monitoring the security aspects of the cloud, providing pre-hand solutions.

The transition from the break/fix model to a fully remote one!

Don’t Have A Magnificent Quarterback? Don’t Worry; Microsoft 365 Got Your Back

Waiting to watch a play in the huddle? A talented quarterback never lets your down. With a reliable commander of the game, no losses were ever made. Not a football team would be complete without a skilled quarterback. Just like that, Microsoft 365 is the ultimate solution you need for your shared cloud services.

Offering secure collaboration of tools and reliable storage to keep you agile and productive anywhere and anytime!

Wrapping Up

Cyber security is a solid backup plan to keep threats at bay. Whether using Microsoft 365 as your quarterback or SentinelOne to cover your defensive line, having the right tools is the key to staying ahead of cyber criminals and keeping your organization safe online. So, if you are looking for a complete security solution, look no further than our MSP packages.