Isometric image of a cyber security threat.

Don’t Get Tricked During Cybersecurity Awareness Month

We normally associate October with trick or treating, zombies, slasher movies and Halloween, but we also need to talk something even scarier: keeping your information safe and secure.

Since 2014, October has been National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), sponsored by the National Cyber Security Alliance to ensure that every American has the resources to stay safe and secure online. While the NCSAM was formed to protect the public, businesses can use the month of October to review their own cybersecurity efforts in order to ensure they are well protected as well.

In the spirit of all things October, below are some cybersecurity tips to make sure you won’t be spooked.

Know Your Tech

When thinking about the security of your business, knowing what you need to protect is paramount. One of the best ways to do this is by cataloging all of your assets. That includes everything from HR systems, databases, CMS, and intellectual property. On the dark web, information like customer names, addresses, bank information, and social security numbers are big business. Businesses need to ensure this kind of information is safe and secure.

Two is Better than One

It’s the two step…authentication. It is no longer enough to have a strong password; businesses need to ensure they have a second layer of security. By using two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication, even if a hacker guesses your password, there is an additional security measure in place to ensure you aren’t breached.

Don’t Get Hooked

Did you know that over 3 billion fake emails get sent daily? Phishing attacks are one of the biggest cybersecurity threats to businesses today. It can be tricky tell if an email is real or not. A hacker will pose as a company or person that you may be familiar with to trick you into clicking a link, giving your credentials, or even opening software that will infect your computer. If you see an email that doesn’t look quite right, has grammatical errors, or an unfamiliar sender, avoid clicking any links or divulging any information and report it to your email monitoring provider.

Back It Up

In this digital age, there is no shortage in storage. There is no excuse for not backing up your important data. Some malicious attacks are not just to get your data, but to corrupt or even erase your data. By backing up your data, you ensure that even if you do get breached you will be able to recover it easily, without it affecting your business.

Make It Everyone’s Problem

The key to making cybersecurity work is to make it everyone’s problem. Make sure that your employees are well trained and exercise cybersecurity best practices. Continual testing and training, whether through software or with a cybersecurity company will give you the peace of mind that your employees are taking it as seriously as you do and will be able to recognize a threat when they see it.

Find an Expert

This month, we want goblins and ghouls to be the only thing that scares you. When you team up with a managed IT service provider (MSP) you can ensure that your business is covered. From helping your business monitor network activity, ensuring HIPAA compliance, backing up your data, and keeping software up to date, an MSP will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Cybersecurity tips like these can go a long way in preventing a catastrophe. One Click offers cybersecurity, backup, and MSP packages to ensure your business runs smoothly. Contact us to see how our solutions can protect your business.