About Us

One Click Delivers Tech Solutions Focused on our 4P System:

We continue to bring a right mix of technology and consulting and solutions to your business at a great price, solely to assist your operation in one or more of these four areas.

One Click Technology Group, LLC is a privately-held, information technology consulting firm geared to build long term relationships with businesses in Northeast Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and engagements around the US.


Innovation: Apps, Online Trade and Surfacing

We are the first SaaS-based (software-as-a-service) business in our local market with the ability to bring high-value technology products at prices budgeted for small-to-medium business. Geared with the traditional IT Service spectrum, we build and provide a suite of SaaS software focused to help:

By crafting and innovating online solutions that better your online trade and commerce, One Click should be always in your inventory of secret weapons that give you an edge on your competition. We do not sell a run of the mill, “we will link you to twitter and facebook,” as that does not make your business socially connected or profitable. Our software and solutions drive continued success and engagement by connecting you with your customers, engaging them and directing them to the checkout line.

And, if a particular solution does not exist, we will build it.

Let One Click handle it


Social and the Online world is a big game with big results, but who has the time to address it when you have a business to run. Our innovative methods work to drive traffic by strategic placement of your company on our own, custom-built networks and partnerships to compound the net effects of the larger networks. The results show a consistent 18-27% increase in a traffic with each engagement.

Increase the search rank and distribution, get more traffic and convert those people into more sales. Simple.

Intense, Vivid and Trusted

Our Team

The One Click team is about creating the right digital experience for your company, breaking down the technological barriers and providing products that just work.

We spend countless hours researching and selecting from the finest technology products available in our industry to be ready when you need a solution that is cost-conscious, quick and effective.


Together coupled with our own custom, in-house and time-tested software we are the #1 local, technology consulting company for bringing a complete, highly available and masterful technology solution to your business.

Matt Bernard

Matt Bernard

CEO, Partner, Tech Guy
Dean Fekete

Dean Fekete

Solutions Architect
Dean Fekete

Charles Richardson

Business Development Associate
Dean Fekete

Josh Sargent

Web Applications

Our Vision: Building Great Technology

We are proud to say that, we are local, technology professionals from the Youngstown-Warren area looking to build great relationships and successes by being the best in areas like: social surfacing/connecting, SaaS software, BCDR, Cloud Computing and Online Trade.

We also believe that making enterprise-level technology solutions available to the small markets in a profit-focused manner is the best way for your business to compete. Which is why One Click will continue to bring your business the best, cost-effective and feature-full technology solutions on the market.

We ONLY focus on delivering your project RIGHT the first time to deliver value immediately to your company.

Great Support

With all the years of successful IT work and projects behind us, our team is always there to kindly suggest solutions or help within a blink of an eye.

Quick questions about a new laptop? Done. Architect and build a new Mobile App? Done. Need to drive clients via a drip campaign to your new product? Done.

Great Pricing

We believe that a fair price is what all of our clients, and future ones, deserve. It’s difficult to run a business in today’s tough, economic conditions and we’ve set out to always try to extend the best contract pricing possible to our clients. We regularly negotiate our own costs and pass the savings onto you!

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