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In today’s technology-rich society, finding the right mix of technology for your business can seem daunting. We spend countless hours researching and selecting the best technology products available in our industry to be ready when you need a solution. Together with our own custom, in-house and time-tested software we are the #1 local, technology company to bring you a complete web application and website development solution.

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UX Design - One Click Technology Group

User Experience Design (UX) & Customer Research

At One Click, we get to know you, your customers, your industry and your tastes before we even begin our work. This data gives us the insights we need to design pixel perfect websites and applications that connect with users.
Website Development - One Click Technology Group

Website Development Solutions

There are lots of "web development" firms that use "out-of-the-box" solutions. That's just not us. Websites involve all the pieces behind the scenes, such as the CMS, framework and coding. Every site we build is custom and of the highest caliber so it functions exactly as it should.
Content Management Systems - One Click Technology Group

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A content management system, or CMS, allows non-technical individuals to easily update content for websites. When picking a CMS, it's extremely important to focus on one that is secure, scalable and easily extendable.
E-Commerce Websites - One Click Technology Group


Whether you are starting fresh or a multi-million dollar company with an already dominant web presence, we can create a custom B2C or B2B eCommerce solution for your company that will blow away the competition.
Mobile App Development - One Click Technology Group

Mobile Applications

Want to create a mobile app, but not exactly sure where to start? We've got you covered. Our mobile team has a vast amount of experience in developing native, hybrid and cross-platform applications for businesses of all sizes. All mobile apps are custom-tailored to fit your goals as well as integrate with your business systems to share and display data in real-time.
Customer Relationship Management - One Click Technology Group

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A customer relationship management (CRM) system allows you to identify, acquire, and maintain customers to drive sales and enrich your customer experience. A CRM can help centralize while also coordinating your sales, marketing, advertising and support.
Systems Integrations - One Click Technology Group

Systems Integration

Are you using one system for invoicing, another for customer management, and yet another for taking orders? One Click can enable your systems interact as well as share important data.
Software-as-a-Service - One Click Technology Group


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is an innovative approach to licensing software that simplifies software delivery to multiple users across multiple devices. One Click can help you transform your subscription-based solution idea into reality.
Intranet - One Click Technology Group

Intranet Development

Need a private, confidential site that only your employees can access? Intranets are an ideal way to share information, enhance collaboration, as well as promote your corporate culture.
Business Solutions - One Click Technology Group

Custom Business Solutions

Are you tired of one-size-fits-all solutions? Software applications need to be adaptable to your business, not the other way around. One Click develops custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs.
Software Improvements - One Click Technology Group

Improve Existing Software

Needed to find a way to extend the functionality of your existing software? Stuck in an outdated system that can no longer keep up with your demands? We can help improve, modernize or even overhaul legacy software.
Software Prototyping - One Click Technology Group


Have a rough idea for a new software application or service and are unsure where to start? One Click can help you to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) of working, interactive software in a short amount of time using a lean, focused, collaborative, and agile process.
Custom Web Applications from One Click Technology Group

Technologies We Use

Unlike most web development and application firms, we work with a wide range of platforms, languages and database systems. If you don't see your language, database or technology listed, send us a message or give us a call and see if we may be able to help you or get you connected with a firm that can.

We ONLY focus on delivering your project RIGHT the first time to deliver value immediately to your company.

Great Support

With all the years of successful IT work and projects behind us, our team is always there to kindly suggest solutions or help within a blink of an eye.

Quick questions about a new laptop? Done. Architect and build a new Mobile App? Done. Need to drive clients via a drip campaign to your new product? Done.

Great Pricing

We believe that a fair price is what all of our clients, and future ones, deserve. It’s difficult to run a business in today’s tough, economic conditions and we’ve set out to always try to extend the best contract pricing possible to our clients. We regularly negotiate our own costs and pass the savings onto you!

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