Policies, Agreements and Legal Documents

With technology as encompassing and thorough as ours, you need to know that we are serious about protecting your data and applications.

Policies, Procedures, Agreements, and Terms are located here for your convenience. The most recent copies of our legal documentation can be downloaded or viewed from this page. If you are a new or potential customer, please be sure to review each document before signing your engagement letter.

Any questions may be directed to our contact us page.

We ONLY focus on delivering your project RIGHT the first time to deliver value immediately to your company.

Great Support

With all the years of successful IT work and projects behind us, our team is always there to kindly suggest solutions or help within a blink of an eye.

Quick questions about a new laptop? Done. Architect and build a new Mobile App? Done. Need to drive clients via a drip campaign to your new product? Done.

Great Pricing

We believe that a fair price is what all of our clients, and future ones, deserve. It’s difficult to run a business in today’s tough, economic conditions and we’ve set out to always try to extend the best contract pricing possible to our clients. We regularly negotiate our own costs and pass the savings onto you!

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