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With a plethora of different backup options available today, it can be difficult to decipher which one will work best for your home or business. Portable media backup has become too expensive, labor-intensive and overall, outdated. It is no wonder why online backup has become the most sought after form of protecting data. EnVault uses proven technology that has gained major recognition for its security, reliability, and usability. Our online backup solution is affordable and a practical solution for any user. Additionally, we provide world-class customer support 24/7.

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Whether you’re an individual or business owner/operator, your data is one of your most valuable assets. If you’re in business, then your data is you’re most important asset. Think about it: what would you do without your financial or customer records? How long could your business survive without access to the information you rely on every day?

Yet many business owners who diligently insure their businesses or property don’t have a contingency plan for their data. Considering the variety of possible data threats to your business – including hard drive crashes, theft, computer viruses, software corruption, natural disasters, and even human error – your unprotected data is living on borrowed time. Just to scratch the surface, in a recent report from McAfee (McAfee Threat Report: Third Quarter 2010), it was stated that an average of 63,000 new computer viruses are created EACH DAY. That’s more than a bit intimidating.

The ramifications of a major data loss are so great that most companies that have the misfortune to experience it don’t survive more than six months.


Individuals must also consider a range of threats: both environmental and criminal. Data is threatened in so many ways daily and it’s not considered a matter of who will be affected, but when. 

The Facts

Below, we’ve included some base statistical data from various sources to inform you of Criminal & Environmental threats and how, even if one falls victim, we can help.

In 2010, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released its yearly crime statistics report for the preceding year with data obtained from participating agencies. Now understandably, this report illustrated below is a high tier analysis of crime statistics and doesn’t necessarily define a particular region. Rather, this illustrates statistics nationwide.

2009 BurglariesTotal IncidentsChange from 2008 (%)Avg. Loss/Incident


2009 Theft Offenses   
Purse Snatching26,281-8.8%$504.00
From Motor Vehicle1,488,948+1.2%$742.00


Burglaries alone accounted for 23.6% of the estimated number of property crimes committed in 2009. Victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $4.6 Billion in lost property. A total of 72.6% of all burglary offenses was committed on residential properties. This is set to occur once every 15.5 seconds.

The National Fire Protection Association releases a similar report annually and it produced the following statistical data:

2009 Types (2009)Total IncidentsLoss ($)
All Structures480,50010.842 Billion
Residential377,0007.796 Billion
Non-Residential103,5003.046 Billion
Arson26,5000.684 Billion

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