We're the first SAAS-based (software-as-a-service) business in our local market with the ability to bring high-value technology products at prices budgeted for small-to-medium business. Along with the traditional IT service spectrum, we build and provide a suite of SAAS software focused to help 1) your online business and trade, 2) your internal operational processes, 3) your ability to keep track of your business and 4) your security and continuity.

Services & Products

  • enVault Secure Online Backup

    enVault, secure online backup

    If you're in business, then your data is you're most important asset. Secure it today with enVault, our automatic and secure online backup solution. Learn More

  • enShare Cloud Web Hosting

    enShare, cloud web hosting

    Pick your piece of the cloud to call home and launch your website today with one of our cost conscious cloud hosting plans. We bring a secure and fast cloud hosting environment that scales. Learn More

  • enTangle Web Development

    enTangle, online development

    With such a fast paced environment, it's imperative to meet those needs with a solution to match that delivery of service without batting an eye. To be on the edge, the forefront of your business, to excel beyond others, to exist; EnTangle is here for you. Learn More

Merchant Tools

We've exclusively partnered with Authorize.net to bring you a premier, reputable online merchant account or gateway for your business.

Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller

Authorize.net Online Application

Sign-up today for a merchant account and begin accepting credit cards for your business or website!