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WE DELIVER GREAT SYSTEMS Our ecosystems of tools , habits and knowledge keeps your systems alive longer, more secure and running better than our competitors. MONITOR & AUTOMATE BOOST UPTIME OF YOUR CLOUD, SERVERS, PCS BACKUP & RETENTION AUTOMATIC TO OUR CLOUD 100% RESTORE RATE CONTINUOUS PLATFORMS, SPEED OPTIMIZATION OPTIMIZE

Software Asset

All aspects of your software assets including purchasing, deployment & maintenance.

Enterprise Service

Extend proven Tech best practices to HR, finance, and other service delivery areas.

Custom Request

Build dynamic request templates with associated workflows, and tasks.
Thinking insights, verified driven research, and metrics data help you make the right decisions!
Ensure High Availability of Your Services

Keep your business safe & ensure high availability.

Improve efficiency, leverage tech, and provide better customer experiences with the modern technology services available allover the world. Our skilled personnel, utilising the latest processing software, combined with decades of experience.
Mahmoud Adel – Founder
Nationwide Service, Local Expertise

Our technology allows you to offer the latest software to your possible customers!

Web Applications

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user.

MSP Services

Trying to solve all your IT challenges internally can become costly and a major distraction, Leveraging knowledgeable IT consulting firms like ushelps your business remain…

Digital Marketing

Our marketing programs are uniquely tailored for each individual company and are designed to help each company build their business.


Secure, Compliant and Automatic Online Backup by One Click Technology Group
Trusted by the world’s best organizations, for 15 years and running, it has been delivering smiles to hundreds of IT advisors, developers, users, and business owners.
Ensure High Availability of Your Services

Easy solutions for all difficult IT problems, keep business safe & ensure high availability.

Software Asset Management

Privileged Access Management

Software License Management

Enterprise Service Management

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Mintech has been helping organizations throughout the World to manage their IT with our unique approach to technology management and consultancy solutions.

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