Cloud, Grid and SaaS Computing:

Leverage cloud and grid computing services for your business and you will reduce your IT costs significantly, be more “green” and have the resources readily available to scale your business correctly.

One Click Technology Group offers a comprehensive line of Cloud Computing Services and Grid Resources that give you maximum flexibility, security and stability. We bring only the best Cloud Computing Solutions available on the market to make your business more profitable, more scalable and less susceptible to interruption or downtime. These solutions are built around the concept that operating and leveraging massive data centers across the US are 1000’s of times better than keeping your servers and applications in house. With efficiencies like these, you may think, “cloud services and software-as-a-service (SaaS) sounds like they are really, really expensive.” Not at all.

Typically, we see our clients realizing a 30% reduction in Information Technology (IT) service costs by moving to a cloud computing or SaaS based solution. Consequently, by moving all or parts of your in-house IT Infrastructure to the cloud, you can reduce power consumption, your out-sourced IT maintenance contracts and generally sleep better at night knowing that your business is safe in the cloud. Further and in addition to the cost-savings, your business is helping the world “go green” and is likely to be considerably more efficient with just some of the core cloud ideas like: mobile email and messaging, SaaS CRMs and sales tools, high levels of redundancy and contingency.

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